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Our Farming

Over the years we have built up many great relationships with partner farmers whom we work closely with to produce the very best product we can. As well as this, we ourselves farm cattle upon two farms, one on the top of Bodmin Moor where our cows, calves and young stock can winter outside all year round, the other sits in the Tamar valley where the pasture is rich and perfect for finishing cattle.


Meat as nature intended

This farming model would be representative of many within our network of farming partners. Being situated between the margins of Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor, gives us access to livestock that have been born and reared outdoors producing naturally healthy animals. Then, due to our milder climate, these animals get to graze a lot longer season from early March to November. This enables our beef to be truly grass fed and our lamb to get out onto the pasture earlier than other regions.

Grass feeding is a cornerstone of our farming business. It is healthier for the consumer as grass-fed beef contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, in contrast, grain-fed cattle have much smaller stores of omega 3. It is also a lot more sustainable, both financially and environmentally, working on a low input system and not needing to grow the grains to feed the stock.

We pride ourselves on being a genuine route to market for our many farming partners down here in the South West. These farms, because of the nature of their land, can only farm in this less intensive, traditional way, producing a product that does not suit the bigger, more commercial market. However, it is a product that we feel, stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to eating quality.