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Wagyu X Jersey - Whole Rib Grass Fed

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“We’re so excited to finally launch this product and know that our customers will enjoy it. We’ve always worked with local native breeds, in spite of their low yield, because the quality of meat is so much more important to us than quantity - it means everything. The same goes for this new project - most UK farmers shy away from working with Jerseys for profit and yield reasons. This is a mistake in my view as the flavour and fat profile is sensational. Together with the Wagyu’s characteristics, it’s a winning combination!” Ian Warren

We charge the on the bone price for both whole rib and sirloin. Once ordered we will set up a Whatspp group with our butcher.
We will ask you how you want it prepped and the day of delivery. You can have it whole on the bone with the chine off, split into chops on the bone, cote du boeuf or rib-eye steaks.